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    • 01 Nov, 2018

    Mayhew and Crisis join forces to change lives

    Today we are proud to launch a joint Christmas gift campaign together with homeless charity Crisis, that will help homeless people and their dogs access vital services, health and well-being checks, and warming food and supplies.

    We and Crisis both understand that a dog can be the only companion for someone who doesn’t have a place to call home, and have already been working together for 11 years to bring warmth and support to homeless people and their dogs. This year, we have collaborated on an extra special initiative – a range of four virtual gifts designed to make a real difference to vulnerable owners and their pets.

    You can choose to donate £5, £10, £15 or £20 and, with proceeds split equally between ourselves and Crisis, can help both of us fund much needed items and services for homeless people and their dogs. A few examples range from providing a cup of tea and a canine health check to a warm coat and help accessing a practical skills course.


    During the Christmas period, it can feel especially isolating to not have a place to call home. This is why the critical work we do to help the homeless needs extra support from you during the festive season.

    Funds raised could make a real difference to projects like our Pet Refuge programme, which provides shelter and care for the pets of people going through a crisis period. This is a lifeline for owners and enables them to access vital services, many of which are proffered through charities like Crisis who provide comprehensive support with housing, employment and health.

    We work year-round to keep animals and their owners together by providing non-judgemental veterinary care, pet supplies and microchipping.

    Through this new joint initiative, we hope to help even more vulnerable owners and animals this Christmas, and make a real difference to the ongoing lives of homeless people and their dogs.

    “Homelessness is devastating, and for many in such a situation, a dog is their best friend and the only source of comfort they have. The expense of food and vet care puts an extra burden on someone already in a vulnerable situation, so we are thrilled to have teamed up with Crisis to give people a way to help us both provide necessary items and services to those in need. Helping people and helping animals come hand in hand, especially at Christmas.”

    Caroline Yates

    CEO, Mayhew

    These virtual gifts are no longer available, however you can still make a donation to support our work with the homeless, click here.

    To find out more about our work with the homeless year round, visit our community support page.

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