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    • 21 Jan, 2016

    Loving Homes Needed for our Long-Stayers

    Can you believe that our affectionate Staffy and Whippet cross Tia has been waiting since August 2015 for a home? Or, that our gorgeous cat Pipsqueak has been with us for over a year now?! It’s completely un-fur!

    We are on a doggy and moggy mission to encourage more people to “Give A Pet A Chance” with our adoption campaign, to finally find homes for our longest staying dogs and cats and attempt to bring down the shocking total of 9 million homeless cats and dogs in the UK today.

    Dogs Tia and Loki, and cats Theodore and Pipsqueak are our longest staying animals – and with their affectionate and characteristic personalities, we can’t see why they haven’t been snapped up already!

    If you are looking for a new furry friend then why not consider adopting a pet instead of buying? We have lots of loving animals who would make great companions to anyone – and Pipsqueak, Tia, Theodore and Loki really deserve a forever home.

    Our Long-stayers


    Pipsqueak web

    Gorgeous seven year old Pipsqueak is our longest-stayer – can you believe that she’s been with us since October 2014?!

    Pipsqueak is an affectionate girl once she gets to know you, who likes to climb up for cuddles, nuzzles and headbutts to check if you’re awake in the mornings. She can be very playful and particularly loves to pounce on feet if you move them beneath the duvet.

    Pipsqueak’s foster carer, Paula Hussey, says: “One really cute thing about Pipsqueak is that she generally likes to sleep on her back with her paws in the air, and she does that most of the time! Maybe, it’s not a positive thing but when she’s feeling grumpy she snorts at you like a bull, which I think is quite funny.”

    “Whenever I go out she always puts her toy pink mouse on my bed; it’s always on my bed without fail when I get in and she also does it overnight so it’s there when I wake up. I wish everyone could see how cute and adorable she is.”

    Pipsqueak has an early onset kidney disease, which is easily controlled with a special diet and doesn’t affect her happiness. We can also help her future forever owners cover costs for her diet and give advice on her condition.

    Find out how you could adopt Pipsqueak.


    Mayhew Dogs-3

    Six year old Staffy and Whippet cross Tia arrived with us on the 18th August 2015 after her owner sadly passed away – that’s now over 5 months that she’s been with us!

    Affectionate pooch Tia really is one of the sweetest dogs you’re likely to meet. She prefers to build strong bonds with people and just loves everyone and anyone.

    Our Dog Adoption Officer, Lisa Guiney, says: “Tia will try to sit on your lap if you allow her and she makes little grunting noises when you talk to her. She absolutely loves her toys, all type and sizes, but she especially loves her toy crocodile!”

    “Tia is a pleasure to walk and she really loves going to the park, and after a walk in the rain, she likes to roll around on a blanket to dry off!”

    Find out how you could give her a forever home.


    Theo1 web

    Seven year old Theodore arrived at our shelter in April 2015 when his owners moved house and couldn’t take him with them.

    Cuddlebug Theodore is ever such an affectionate cat and everyone could fall for this friendly boy! He is a really happy boy who just loves attention, sitting on laps and giving out his signature kitty headbutts.

    Theo also has kidney disease and we can help his future forever owner with costs for his special diet and give advice on his condition.

    Find out how you could give Theodore a new home.


    Loki web

    One year old Husky and Lurcher cross Loki didn’t have the best start to life, after our Animal Welfare Officers found him tethered in an alleyway and sleeping outdoors. He came into our shelter on the 20th August – meaning that he’s now been with us for 154 days!

    Handsome Loki is a playful and super affectionate boy, who loves his cuddles and will try to curl up between your legs for a good snuggle if he can! He’s a bit of a smarty pants and is always keen to learn something new.

    Our Head of Kennels, Maria Markey, says: “Loki just loves his toys and enjoys playing with anything that he can throw around, like rope toys and tennis balls and he also loves bashing the big bloomer balls around.”

    Find out how you could give Loki the forever home he so deserves.

    If you’re looking for your new best friend, then please consider adopting instead of buying. Not only is adopting a cheaper option, but you will also be giving a pet a second chance at happiness and will be helping to lessen the chronic problem of millions of unwanted pets in the UK. We have also created a responsible pet checklist so aspiring pet owners can check whether they are ready for a pet.

    Please take a look at our loving dogs and cats up for adoption or give us a ring on 020 8962 8009.

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