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    • 26 Mar, 2021

    Lovely Lenny finds the purrfect forever home

    When cats leave us to start their new lives in their forever homes, the story doesn’t end there for us. We love receiving updates from owners, especially from some of our harder to rehome animals like Lenny.

    Stray cat Lenny found his way into our care after a concerned member of the public contacted our Animal Welfare Officers. When the black and white cat was given a health check by our vets, we soon discovered that he was FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) positive.

    FIV causes cats to have a weakened immune system, leaving them more vulnerable to infection and disease. Cats like Lenny, who are FIV positive, are often overlooked and take longer to find new homes. Whilst the disease can’t be cured, it is a manageable infection with many cats living healthy lives despite being FIV positive.

    We received such a lovely update from Lenny’s new pawrents that we decided to share it with you all.

    Lenny’s story so far…Happily rehomed cat

    ‘Lenny has settled in well and is enjoying being the top cat of the household. He had the normal, new flat syndrome being unsure, and he still has to get used to the various sounds that occur here, but after a few days he started to relax and settle in. Bringing some toys and blankets from his foster family really helped though, and for the first few nights he slept on his blanket.

    Over time, he’s started to find some new favourite places. He loves sitting and sleeping on his ‘cat gym tree’ which means he can lord over the flat and reinforce to us that he’s in charge and we are his servants, and one of his favourite places is to sleep on my office chair in front of the computer. This does mean that I sometimes have to perch on the end of the chair as he rarely moves without a lot of cuddles, but seemingly he is happy to have me perched on the edge and him laying behind me! I do sometimes wonder who’s in charge in our flat now.

    Lenny is also the biggest cuddle and fuss monster around! He’s not a lap cat by any means, but if he can’t see you he’ll either wander around until he finds you, or he does a distinct meow which is clearly him saying ‘Oi, attention, over here now!’ Head bumps are his favourite thing and he has made regular appearances on my video conferences for work and friends, where he will often jump on the desk and walk in front of my iMac demanding fuss and attention, much to the amusement of many of my work colleagues!Happily rehomed cat

    Lenny is also taking full advantage of our flat’s ’winter garden’ which is an open to the outside but secure balcony that is fully enclosed in glass and has gaps between the panes to allow unlimited fresh air to come in and out. He especially enjoys it on the (rare at the moment) sunny days where it gets to 20-25C and he can be found just sunning himself and admiring the 21st floor view. One of his favourite things is to sit on me and admire the view together.

    Lenny’s foster dad also kindly sent a flower cat water fountain with Lenny, and he will often just sit there for minutes drinking away. As Lenny suffers from Urinary Tract issues, this will really help him with that.

    We feel so blessed we have provided Lenny with a forever home, and are so grateful to Mayhew for stepping in and helping Lenny get back on his feet. We are happy that we can give a loving, caring home with fantastic views and a secure outdoors space with the winter garden for a FIV cat, proving that FIV or any other issue is no barrier to a happy and wonderful life!

    Now if only we can somehow get Lenny to accept that he isn’t the one in charge and that we are just his food and cuddle servants! Like that is going to happen!’


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