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    • 03 Feb, 2022

    Lost tabby is finally reunited with her owner

    At Mayhew, we see plenty of stray cats come through our doors. However, it’s not every day that they get to be reunited with their owners!

    Missy, a four-year-old tabby cat, had been missing since 17 December 2021. Luckily, a member of the public fund her in a park on 16 January. After she was found, the member of public quickly got in touch and brought Missy to us. Missy had lost enough weight that it was highly likely that she hadn’t been eating a lot during the month she was missing. Going from being a loved and well cared for cat to suddenly being lost on the streets had taken its toll on her!

    All animals who are brought into Mayhew are given a health check. With strays, one of the first things we check for is a microchip. Much to our team’s delight, Missy was microchipped! Not only that, but her microchip details were up to date, so we were able to make direct contact with her owner who had been worried sick.

    “Microchipping is the quickest and most effective way of helping reunite you with your cat, should they become missing. But keeping your details up to date on the database is also vital. When Missy arrived in our care, we could instantly see that there was an owner out there who loved her and was missing her as they had updated the microchip database to reflect that she was missing. ”

    Georgina Costi

    Cat Welfare Coordinator

    Missy’s owner had tried everything: she put up posters, knocked on doors close to her home to see if anyone had seen Missy, reached out to local rescues, posted on social media and community groups, and even considered hiring a pet detective. She spent hours each day searching for Missy – calling her name and trying to get her attention with her favourite treats. As you can imagine, Missy’s owner was overjoyed when we called (using the details we found on her microchip) to let them know that their beloved cat was safe and well, and that they would soon be reunited!

    We recently checked in with Missy’s owner to see how she’s settling back into home life: “Since she’s been living at home, she’s been sleeping a lot, she’s still a little fragile and meows a lot but it’s OK because I’m here with her. I’m just cradling her and kissing her. She’s already taken over the stuff in my room, but it doesn’t matter because I just feel at ease that she’s here with me. To have her home and with me is a blessing. She’s my world, and I’ll never let her go.”

    “We're really pleased that the government has announced plans to make microchipping in cats compulsory and we hope that this will help more cats to be reunited with their families. ”

    Georgina Costi

    Cat Welfare Coordinator

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