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    • 18 May, 2022

    Meet lovely Lady and cheeky Chico

    At Mayhew, we’re dedicated to supporting every animal that comes through our doors. For some, this means a little extra care and attention.

    Lady and Chico were two dogs that required specialised support, and our team stepped up to give them everything they needed.

    Meet Lady

    Lady is a cocker spaniel who came to us shortly after giving birth to a litter of puppies. The birth took a harsh toll on her body, and she was in urgent need of veterinary attention. On top of this, she also needed major dental work.

    Our expert Veterinary team were able to give her the vital treatment she required, and thankfully she made a full recovery. Our Kennels team then worked hard with Lady to gain her trust, and make sure she was ready for rehoming. We’re so pleased to say that she has since been happily rehomed to a wonderful family, where she is loved very much.

    It’s with thanks to our fantastic supporters that we’re able to give animals like Lady the treatment they need, and find them loving new homes.

    Meet Chico

    Cheeky little Chico is a three-year-old chihuahua who has a lovely playful personality! But, when he arrived at Mayhew he needed some help staying calm around strangers. Our kennels staff helped him become more composed, by giving him behavioural training that enabled him to keep cool with unfamiliar people.

    He took to it brilliantly and we’re so pleased to repawt he has found his forever home!

    Our animal experts work tirelessly to ensure every cat or dog gets the support they need to give them the best chance of finding their perfect home. Thanks to your support, they can be there to provide behavioural training for dogs like Chico, to help prepare them for their new homes.

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