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    • 21 Feb, 2022

    Janey’s journey to a quiet life

    Janey’s had an eventful year! This lovely black cat came to us from a household that had a great many cats – as many as fifty, in fact!

    We took a number of the cats in for rehoming, leaving the owner with a manageable number of neutered cats, but Janey proved a little more difficult to rehome, partly due to some health problems.

    She’s such a friendly young cat, a very affectionate lady who loves having her head scratched (right between the ears)! Sadly however, Janey was suffering from gum inflammation – a painful condition called gingivitis. As it worsened, it became clear she needed several teeth extracted.

    Our veterinary team were able to do a lot for Janey. We removed the teeth that needed to come out, whilst ensuring she was comfortable throughout the surgery and thoroughly pampered after it! Thankfully, she made a great recovery and was very well looked after by one of our wonderful foster carers.

    We’re so pleased to tell you that Janey has in fact found her forever home, and she’s settled into her new life purr-fectly! We occasionally find that black cats like her can be a little harder to rehome, so make sure you keep an eye out on our adoption page to see all of the beautiful cats like Janey who are looking for their loving new homes too.

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