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  • Animal Welfare Officer month: Rabbit found abandoned near a canal
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    • 24 Sep, 2015

    Animal Welfare Officer month: Rabbit found abandoned near a canal

    Our Animal Welfare Officers were recently alerted to abandoned rabbit who had been dumped in a box near a canal in London. They immediately went to collect the rabbit and could see straightaway he was in a bad condition and suffering immensely.

    Hewie, as he was named, had very long overgrown nails, a huge flea problem and matted fur all around his hind quarters. He also had very overgrown upper incisor teeth, which is a common problem for rabbits as their teeth are continuously growing and need to be cared for properly. Hewie was having a lot of difficulty eating so it is fortunate that our Animal Welfare team found him when they did.

    When the team collected him they also noticed he had a held tilt which we suspect may be due to a protozoal pararsite infection called E. Cuniculli.

    The Animal Welfare team quickly brought Hewie to The Mayhew where the vet team clipped his nails and matted fur, and applied a flea treatment.  He was also given some fluids under his skin as he was dehydrated and was started on a course of worming for the possible protozoal infection.

    Hewie2Hewie had a severe case of fleas

    Shortly afterwards he was neutered and his teeth were clipped, helping him to feel a lot more comfortable, and he soon started eating and putting on weight.

    Our Animal Welfare Officer Tania took Hewie to Sheffield recently where he has been adopted by a keen rabbit-lover. Now named Rory, he has 5 other rabbits to play with and is loving his new home.


    Rory relaxes in his new home

    Find out more about our team of Animal Welfare Officers and their work across London. You can also donate to help our Animal Welfare Officers rescue and help more neglected and abandoned animals.

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