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You can help cats like Django and Janey

'In my work as Cat Welfare Coordinator for Mayhew, every single day I see the difference it makes when animal lovers like you give your support for cats and dogs in need. It means so much to know that, as we tend to the urgent needs of the animals in our care, you’re standing with us and making our work possible.'

- Georgina Costi, Cat Welfare Coordinator


How you can help

In recent months, the need for our help has continued to be very high, especially when it comes to veterinary care. We’ve had a lot of animals like Django and Janey (who you can read more about below) brought to Mayhew with a wide range of medical problems. We’ve had to work around the clock to look after them all.

With a gift of £10 you could help cover the costs of the vital examination we give to each cat or dog when they first come through our doors.

A gift of £25 could go towards ensuring we’re well-stocked with the medication and surgical supplies we need to treat illness and perform lifesaving operations.

If you’re able to give a £50 gift, you’d be helping us to provide the long-term care that every animal deserves while they’re waiting for a loving new home.

'I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to have the help of fellow animal lovers like you...'

'As you read this, there are dozens of animals like Django and Janey in our care. Many of them need ongoing veterinary treatment while they await rehoming. Thanks to your support, my colleagues and I have the resources we need to look after them.'

- Georgina Costi, Cat Welfare Coordinator

Thank you for helping us to make sure cats and dogs can get the love and care they need.

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