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    • 21 Feb, 2022

    Django’s bumpy road to his forever home

    Handsome tabby Django was in quite the state when he arrived at Mayhew. Thanks to our fantastic veterinary and cattery teams, his story has a happy ending.

    When Django came to us, he had a bit of a ‘goopy’ eye. This was due to condition called entropion, which meant his eyelashes were rubbing against the surface of his eyeball. This was causing him a lot of pain and putting him at a greater risk of infection. He also had several broken teeth and tested positive for FIV.

    FIV – known formally as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus – is a viral infection affecting domestic cats and other feline species. The virus causes cats to have a weakened immune system, leaving them more vulnerable to infection and disease. FIV is an incurable disease, however it’s a manageable infection – with many cats living healthy lives despite being FIV positive. In fact, recent studies suggest that cats with FIV commonly live normal life spans.

    “Although the infection is permanent, the prognosis can be promising as long as it is carefully managed. Many FIV cats can live healthy lives.”

    Justin Ainsworth

    Mayhew Head Veterinary Surgeon

    Thankfully, our incredible veterinary team were able to address Django’s health issues promptly, and they also neutered him.

    He made a wonderful recovery under the watchful eye of our veterinary and cattery teams, and shortly afterwards they were able to send him off to his new home – where we hear he’s doing well and has settled in very nicely with his new purr-rents! Way to go Django!

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