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    • 26 May, 2015

    Hamsters Dumped Outside Our Reception

    On Bank Holiday night (25 May), seven hamsters were dumped in a cardboard box in front of our reception.

    Night time staff at The Mayhew found a mum with her six babies chewing their way through the box. Some of the hamsters had escaped and had to be chased down the street before being brought back safely to the rescue centre.

    On the box, there was a note which said “To a good home”.

    The hamsters, all female, appear to be of Syrian breed, which is one of the most widespread in the UK. They have been named Snow White (mum), Ariel, Jasmin, Cinderella, Belle, Pocahontas and Rapunzel. They are likely to be transferred to another refuge where they will be taken care of as they wait for a new home.

    If you want to adopt a pet, please visit our adoption page.

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