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    • Happily Rehomed
    • 17 Mar, 2015

    Grubasik Parypa

    Adopted from The Mayhew in November 2013 and has reformed from a bit of a grump into a loving and contented cat thanks to his new owners!

    “We’ve had a lot going on these past few weeks and Grubasik has adjusted wonderfully! Not a whisker out of place.

    Grubasik started off resting and sleeping behind the couch. He then moved on to pillows on the seat but has now decided that moulding the top cushion and resting his head on the frame allows him top spot as well as a view out on the street in a lying position. In my room he has his cat cave but tends to sleep under the bed so I can hear his tiny cat snores at night.

    A funny habit he has picked up is calling us into the garden to meet other cats. He will walk in meowing and when we follow him outside he will take us to where a cat is sitting and then ‘talk’ to them. I make sure his visitors know that he is the king of his terrain.

    Grubasik has made friends with the next door neighbour who kindly keeps an eye on him if he sees him out in front of the house. Grubasik walks between both our gardens so it is good to know that his company is welcome and he’ll be safe.

    So that is our Grubasik update. It is wonderful to see him out and about in the garden with the flowers. We had a chat about his behaviour and everyone agrees he is not the same cat that came to us mid November. Initially my mother was nervous about his lashing out but he’s stopped now and they are very close. She is the only one he curls up next to and they share sofa time routinely. Completely mellowed out and filled to the brim with character. At night he’ll follow me up and sleep in my room.

    You can check his exploits on flickr!

    Marta, Ewa, Slawek and Grubasik Parypa x”

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