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    • 22 Nov, 2016

    Give us The Chance to Help More Animals

    The Mayhew Animal Home provides a range of community outreach projects and vital services helping pet owners and pets in London.

    Every day our Animal Welfare Officers work in communities across London reaching out to and assisting pet owners, the homeless, the elderly and vulnerable. For those pets that need urgent and routine preventative veterinary care and treatment, they are brought to our on-site Community Vet Clinic where our team of vets and vet nurses are on-hand to treat, neuter and care for pets. 

    On Tuesday 29th November 2016 it’s Giving Tuesday, a day of giving to great causes, please consider a donation to give us the chance to help more animals in need. You can text to donate to support The Mayhew and all the work that we do, simply text TEXT29 £3, £5 or £10 to 70070.

    To give a snapshot of the great work that our Animal Welfare Officers and Vet Clinic team do, in two weeks they helped 73 animals involved in our ongoing community work including:

    • Three dogs belonging to homeless people
    • Three dogs from illegal breeders – neutered the dogs preventing further sale of puppies to pet shops
    • Three Pick & Snip dog welfare cases – including neutering a dog being used to breed for money
    • 17 Trap, Neuter and Return cases from three feral colonies
    • 44 Pick & Snip cats – we collected the pets, health checked and neutered them as well as de-fleaing, worming and vaccinating them
    • Taking care of pets for three ongoing vulnerable owner welfare cases we deal with.

    For the past 2 ½ years our Animal Welfare Officers have looked after 90-year-old Valerie’s two cats, Harry and Bobby. Her two cats were suffering from a serious flea anaemia condition which caused baldness and severe discomfort. After contacting a number of charities for help and being turned away, she had nowhere else to turn to. Eventually Valerie, who is house-bound and disabled, contacted us and our Animal Welfare Officers immediately visited her to offer help and advice. Since then our Officers regularly visit Valerie, pick up her two cats and bring them to our Community Vet Clinic where they are given health checks, worming and de-fleaing and the necessary preventative care to ensure they remain in tip-top health. After treatment they are returned to Valerie on the same day.

    Pick & Snip Animal Welfare_Officer_The_ Mayhew

    Valerie’s daughter, Mary, says: “She loves her cats. They are great companions to her and she wouldn’t be apart from them and they wouldn’t be apart from her.” The Mayhew’s assistance to Valerie means that she can keep and enjoy her pets at home safe in the knowledge that they are healthy and happy and that she can ask us for help at any time. Our innovative Pick & Snip project is unique to The Mayhew and we are the only charity to run this service.

    Our Animal Welfare Officers work with homeless and rehabilitation organisations in London, such as The Salvation Army and Spitalfields Crypt Trust, providing food, collars, leads and offering neutering and preventative care to the dogs of the homeless.

    One of the homeless’ dogs we helped during the two weeks is a Staffy dog called Toffee who lives with his owner at a Salvation Army hostel in East London where our Animal Welfare Officers regularly visit and offer assistance. We brought him into our Vet Clinic for neutering, flea and worming treatment and a health check.


    Another dog we helped belongs to a vulnerable man who is a recovering addict. His dog, Chelsea, was in poor health with conjunctivitis, a blocked anal gland and a flea allergy. Our Animal Welfare Officers brought him to The Mayhew where our vet team set to work immediately to treat him. He is now healthier, his eye has healed and his fur is shiny and in good condition. Our Officers will continue to check on this owner and his dog to make sure that they receive ongoing assistance as well as providing dog food.

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    We also neutered a cat that had come into us as a stray and had gone missing for 4 days, most probably because she was unneutered and looking for a mate. We reunited the cat with her grateful owner and offered to neuter the cat as part of our free Pick & Snip service. As the cat was 8 months old, the owner incorrectly thought that she was too young to be neutered. Our Animal Welfare Officers advised her that cats can be neutered from 4 months old to stop them having litters at such a young age.


    During the fortnight, our Officers also brought in 17 feral cats from 3 colonies to our Vet Clinic for a health check, preventative veterinary care and neutering. Our work to neuter cats that live in feral colonies is vital to stem the numbers of kittens born and adding to the already huge feral population. In just 7 years, one female cat and her offspring can produce 370,000 kittens, so neutering is essential to ensure that the cat population is proactively controlled.



    Consider a donation for Giving Tuesday

    This Giving Tuesday please consider a donation towards the work of our Animal Welfare Officers and Vet Team who help pets that are abandoned, unwanted, neglected and suffering and urgently need our assistance. Your donation will also go towards our proactive community outreach work helping pet owners so that their pets don’t end up in a shelter like ours. Your money enables us to provide vital services to help hundreds of animals in need every year.

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