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    • 09 Sep, 2019

    From shelter animal to Instagram superstar

    We love to hear how our cats and dogs are settling into their new homes, so we’re delighted when adopters create social media accounts for their pets. Here are a few of our favourites!

    Maggie (maggie_pags_)

    Jack Russell terrier Maggie arrived at Mayhew along with six other puppies, all victims of puppy farming. Maggie was quickly adopted by Emma, and soon after the pair were invited back to meet our new Patron, HRH the Duchess of Sussex.

    Photo credit: @maggie_pags_

    Luigi, Hula, Live and Archie (@lillmanlulu_luigi_and_co)

    Over the years, photographer Marjan has gathered an adorable band of rescue cats. She originally created their account as a bet to see if they could get 100 followers by her husband’s birthday. They did – and now have over 45,000!

    Photo credit: @lillmanlulu_luigi_and_co

    Bert (@bert_spanner)

    Elderly cocker spaniel Bert was adopted in 2018 by Suzanne, who started his account to help raise awareness of Mayhew and encourage people to adopt older dogs. Bert has since made a lot of like-minded friends and has stolen lots of hearts!

    Photo credit: @bert_spanner

    Auburn and Leo (@auburnandleo)

    Abandoned kitten Auburn arrived at Mayhew in 2018 with a serious medical condition and was in our care for just under a year. When Leo arrived, they formed an unexpected friendship; then Kate came along and adopted them both.

    Photo credit: @auburnandleo

    Boris (@borisjugson)

    Pug/Jack Russell cross Boris arrived at Mayhew after he was abandoned. He slowly began to learn how to trust again, and his loving owner Karen created his Instagram account to reduce the stigma surrounding rescue dogs.

    Photo credit: @borisjugson


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