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    • 04 May, 2017

    Free Microchipping for Dogs at BARK in the Park in June

    Sadly we see hundreds of lost cats and dogs come through our doors every year, unfortunately many of which are not identifiable because they haven’t been microchipped. With the one-year anniversary of the compulsory dog microchipping law coming up in April, we are appealing to owners who have not already got their pet microchipped to do so with our free microchipping events and low-cost services at our Community Vet Clinic.

    Since the law was passed on April 6th 2016, it is now a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped and their contact details kept up-to-date. Owners who do not microchip their dog could be faced with a penalty fine, so now really is the time to get your pet microchipped to make sure you and your best friend stay together pawever.

    As a part of our Microchipping Amnesty campaign, our Animal Welfare Officers will be offering free microchipping for dogs at BARK in the Park community events with Brent Council throughout April. Our Officers will be on-hand to give free microchipping for dogs, give owners advice on how they can update their microchip details and give our free Bull Breed neutering vouchers. Even if you haven’t managed to get your dog microchipped since the law was passed, our Officers will do it for free, no questions asked.

    BARK in the Park events

    The BARK in the Park events will be happening on the following dates:

    During June, our Animal Welfare Officers will also be attending a free microchipping event on Sunday 18th June at 11am-3pm – Paddington Recreational Ground, Randolph Avenue, Maida Vale W9 1PD

    If you are unable to make this event, please contact us and we are more than happy to visit you at home. Contact us on 0208 962 8000, Email [email protected] or Brent Council Animal Welfare Service – 0208 937 5252.

    Benefits of microchipping

    There really is no excuse not to get your dog micrcochipped.  The benefits of compulsory dog microchipping include:

    • Microchipping can be a deterrent to dog theft.
    • Puppies that are sold can be traced to their breeders. This will help to combat the serious problem of puppy farming and a range of diseases and hereditary health conditions associated with puppies from farms.
    • Owners of mistreated and neglected dogs can be traced and the appropriate action taken.
    • Local authorities will be able to quickly and efficiently return stray dogs and reinforce with dog owners their duty of care and responsibilities under the Animal Welfare Act 2006
    • In the event of a dog being involved in an accident or emergency, vets are able to quickly contact the owner.

    Microchipping is cheap to do. If you can’t make our park events, our vet and nurse clinics also provide a low cost microchipping service as well as other care treatments for your pet. We also offer  free Bull breed neutering in our veterinary clinic.

    Microchipped pets can be returned

    Owners can have the peace of mind that if their dog or cat goes missing the probability of them being returned safely is higher than if they are not microchipped and identifiable. You can read the stories of Troy the Burmilla cat and Jinks the Staffy who we were able to happily reunite with their owners recently because they were microchipped. Although there are happy endings reuniting stray cats and dogs that come to us, most stray pets cannot be reunited with their owners because they are not microchipped.

    If you have any worries or concerns about microchipping your pet, please give us a call on 020 862 8017 and our team can discuss the microchipping procedure with you.

    Microchipping FAQs

    Microchipping Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is microchipping? A tiny data chip is implanted into the dog or cat at the back of the neck. The procedure is similar to giving an injection and is harmless.
    • How does microchipping work? The chip holds a unique code which links to a national 24-hour, secure database where the owner’s full contact details are registered. When a missing pet is found, the chip is scanned by an animal professional – local authority, animal welfare organisation or vet – who contacts the database to find the owner’s details. The owner is notified and reunited with their pet.
    • After microchipping does my dog still have to wear a collar? Yes, it is still a legal requirement for your dog to wear a collar and ID tag that states your full name and address.
    • How much does microchipping cost? Microchipping is cheap to do. Our vet and nurse clinics provide a low cost microchipping service as well as other care treatments for your pet.
    • What is the penalty for not microchipping my dog? If you do not microchip your dog after 6th April 2016, as the dog owner, you will be served with a notice requiring your dog to be microchipped. You may face criminal prosecution and a £500 fine if you do not comply with the notice.


    We have also put together an advice article addressing some of the most common concerns people may have about getting their pet microchipped,read more here.


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