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Fred may be blind, but we see a wonderful future for him...

How your support helped one brave, blind pup find his way


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A gift of £10 could enable us to take in and care for all kinds of animals, including those like Fred who need extra care and attention.

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A gift of £50 could go towards our rehoming services, so that more animals can move on to their forever homes, just like Fred.

Meet Fred

When Fred arrived at Mayhew, it was clear something was wrong with his sight that was making him distressed and unhappy. Our Veterinary team had a big decision to make, and performed vital surgery to remove his eyes and ensure his future safety. Fred was so brave, and our team worked closely with him to help him adapt to being blind. Now, this special dog has a bright future ahead of him…

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Banjo's story

Banjo had a difficult start in life. When he came to us he was unwanted, unwell and underweight. He had an injury to his tail and a nasty skin condition which were both badly in need of treatment. Our team got to work immediately. Find out how we helped Banjo…

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