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    • 18 May, 2022

    Banjo’s journey to a happily ever after

    Banjo had a difficult start in life, but in Mayhew’s care he began to thrive.

    Banjo, the lurcher, is another animal who needed some extra care from Mayhew. When he came to us, he was unwanted, unwell and underweight. He had an injury to his tail and a nasty skin condition too. He was badly in need of treatment.

    We got to work immediately. Our Veterinary team managed to save his tail and treat his skin condition. This, along with a special diet, has turned him into a happy, healthy dog! We’ve also worked with him on behaviour, helping to build his self-confidence and socialising him around strangers.

    It was fantastic to see how much progress Banjo made. We barely recognised him, compared to when we first met him. Our next job was to find him a loving new forever home. It didn’t take too long for someone to fall in love with this affectionate, fun-loving lad – and we’re pleased say he has found his happily ever after.

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