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    • Happily Rehomed
    • 02 Dec, 2015

    Edie & Cleo (previously Rimini & Venezia)

    You may remember these two little kittens from when they first arrived at The Mayhew in July 2015 after being found tied up inside bin liners and dumped on a pile of rubbish. Rimini & Venezia were clearly very shaken up by the experience but they proved to be tough little kitties and they soon bounced back.

    Now called Edie and Cleo, they quickly found their new forever family and are enjoying their new life in North West London. Owner Sophie says, “They’re big enough to go outside now which is exciting, but they come back and check on us to make sure we’re still there.” As you can tell from the photos, they remain best buddies!

    Edie + Cleo 3_edited            Edie + Cleo 4_edited

    Edie + Cleo 2_edited2

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