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  • Eating Happiness – the true nature of dog meat consumption in Asia
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    • 25 Sep, 2015

    Eating Happiness – the true nature of dog meat consumption in Asia

    “Eating Happiness” is the first call-to-action documentary exposing the true nature of dog meat consumption in Asia, produced by World Dog Alliance. Director and Producer Genlin takes viewers through the backstreets and rural villages of Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and China to uncover the brutal violence of the dog meat trade.

    View the trailer below (warning, viewers may find some scenes distressing)

    The film reveals that 30 million dogs are killed annually in Asia, 70% of whom are stolen pets. The film sheds light on several disturbing practices associated with the consumption of dog meat in Asia including a gruelling transport to the slaughterhouse, cruel and inhumane methods of slaughter, and torture prior to death as some Asians have the superstitious belief that torturing a dog prior to death will enhance the flavor of the meat by increasing the dog’s adrenaline.

    Tomorrow, September 26, is World Dog Lovers Day in many parts of Asia and the World Dog Alliance will be showing “Eating Happiness” for the first time across the world tomorrow. You can view the film tomorrow at The Mayfair Hotel in London, Stratton St, W1J 8LT at 10.30am. Spaces are still available so please attend if you can to show your support and help spread the word. It is free to attend and includes a free vegan lunch.

    Thank you.

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