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    • 12 Jun, 2016

    Dr. Mo's Latest Work in Afghanistan

    After a flying visit back to London, Dr. Mo, our Afghanistan Project Manager,  is back in Kabul and straightaway helping out the vet team at Nowzad’s shelter and vet clinic who wanted advice on some cases.

    Buster (below) has an abdominal mass and is being examined by Dr. Mo and Dr. Hadi from Nowzad.

    Another day, another case for Dr. Mo in Kabul. Here he is with Dr. Hadi from Nowzad checking out Princess, who has hyperthyroidism and an eye condition. Dr. Mo will help and advise on the best treatment for her so she can be more comfortable.

    Poor Motty has a chronic skin condition which needs further investigation by Dr. Mo. He examines Motty and takes a sample of her skin so that it can be further analysed to diagnose and treat Motty.

    Dr. Mo spends time with the vet team at Nowzad.

    Dr. Mo will be delivering lectures and workshops at Kabul University Veterinary Faculty, as well as further vet training at Kabul shelter Tigger House.  Dr. Mo will also continue his meetings with Government departments and Kabul City authorities on Dog Population management to stop the culling of dogs and plan the implementation of a mass rabies vaccination programme.


    This beautiful young dog, Sharif, was originally found as a pup with a tight cord round his neck and he was in a dreadful state with mange. The team at Nowzad were able to remove the cord and the wound healed and he has since grown. However, the healed tissue has become fibrotic and is causing him breathing difficulties so that he cannot stretch his neck properly. Dr. Hadi of Nowzad called in Dr. Mo and it is possible that surgery will be able to help. Dr. Mo and Dr. Hadi operated on Sharif’s neck. Sharif is doing really well and recovering from her first operation. It is likely that Sharif will need to undergo two further operations to fix her neck completely.

    Dr. Mo has also been helping cats at Nowzad. CJ is a beautiful cat who had a fistula at the corner of his eye in the 3 o‘clock position as you can see from the photos below. Discharge was coming from the hole and it could have affected his eye badly had it been left. Dr. Mo operated on CJ and fixed his eye and he is now recovering well. Great job, Dr. Mo!

    Mayhew International also donated a blood and urine analyser to Nowzad who are using it at their shelter in Kabul. The Idexx VetTest Chemistry Analyzer is a blood testing instrument that analyses and profiles samples to help vets make a more accurate diagnosis and prognosis for the health issues of cats and dogs, including organ condition and blood coagulation. The equipment can check kidney enzymes which are in the blood such as Urea and Creatinine. Here is Dr. Mo with Pen Farthing, Founder of NowZad, and Najwa.


    Dr. Mo has been really busy since flying back to Afghanistan. Dr. Mo is examining Tilly (below) who has an infected wound on his leg.


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