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  • Dr. Mo Saves Bandat the Cat's Leg At Nowzad
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    • 12 Jul, 2016

    Dr. Mo Saves Bandat the Cat's Leg At Nowzad

    On the third day of Eid, a religious holiday in Afghanistan, Dr. Mo from Mayhew International came to the rescue again.

    Bandat, a beautiful white male cat, had an old fracture in his left hind leg. He was taken to the Nowzad Clinic and, recognising the vet team there could not help Bandat, they called in Dr. Mo. Dr. Mo carried out orthopaedic surgery on Bandat’s leg after Bandat had been prepared for surgery by the Nowzad team. The surgery went well and was good training experience for Nowzad’s team. Bandat is now recovering. Well done Dr. Mo and Happy Eid!

    Our vets and vet nurses work with vet and nurse teams in India, Moscow, Afghanistan and Georgia passing on crucial veterinary training and skills.

    In Afghanistan, Dr. Mo has been training the Nowzad team in neutering and more advanced surgical techniques as well as carrying out more complicated surgery on specific cases for Nowzad to improve the welfare and health of dog and cats that come into their shelter.

    In Georgia, our vets pass on their skills and conduct training at the Agrarian University Clinic in Tbilisi and also with on-site vets at the Tbilisi Municipal Dog Shelter, the largest shelter in Tbilisi, which includes a dog Trap Neuter Return programme.  The Mayhew’s Head Vet Ursula Goetz trained Georgian vets Marika and Lili who now continue to train other Georgian student vets. Veterinary training in Georgia includes preparing animals for surgery, monitoring anesthetics and recovery. Our vet nurses also provide important training to nurses and assistants on disease control and pre and post-operative care.

    You can find out more about Dr. Mo’s work in Afghanistan here.

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