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    • 01 Apr, 2016

    A Day in the Life of Buddy and Emily

    Friendly 5 year old Kelpie cross Emily and sweet little 5 year old Terrier mix Buddy have been waiting for their forever homes since October 2015. These gorgeous pooches are the very best of friends and would love to go to a loving home together – and we can’t bear to split up this dynamic duo.

    Whilst they wait for their paw-fect forever homes Buddy and Emily have been on foster to have a break from shelter life. Their loving foster carer, Alan, has been helping us to care for them and has got to know Buddy and Emily more and more, day by day.

    Alan has written this lovely ‘a day in the life’ doggy blog for these pooches, and we hope that it will help to find Buddy and Emily the forever home they have been so patiently waiting for.

    A Day in the Life of Buddy and Emily

    “After we were rescued from uncaring owners by The Mayhew Animal Home, they placed us in a foster home. It’s a very nice place with kind people, but nothing beats a home of your own, and we would really like a forever home together somewhere.

    When we hear one of our carers coming down the stairs in the morning we rush to the door, ready for a big greeting. We sleep in the kitchen in our comfy bed which is easily big enough for us both to snuggle up in as we are only little. Our foster carers don’t get up very early, we’ve heard them say it’s between 8.30am and 9.30am, which is fine with us.

    In the morning we get quite excited and run round the garden chasing the birds and squirrels, not that we can catch them, the fun is in the chasing. While this is happening, our foster carer is getting our breakfasts ready and we stop chasing to wolf it down because we are not fussy eaters. After breakfast we might sunbathe in the garden for a while if the weather is nice, or wait patiently in our bed to be taken out for a walk.

    When it’s time for our morning walk, we wait eagerly while our harnesses are adjusted and leads clipped on and we’re off. Usually we’ll go over the railway bridge to Alexandra Palace – it’s only five minutes away and as soon as we are there the leads are off and so are we.

    Emily will run and run, chasing furry creatures in and out of the bushes as well as scattering the birds on the grass. Buddy is happy just bumbling along, keeping an eye on Emily who he’s devoted to, although he will have a little dash after the birds now and then. We both keep our ears open for when we are called and rush back to Sam or Gill. We are not bothered with other dogs but will stop and say hello.

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    After about 30 to 45 minutes it’s time to head back to home, where Emily will have lunch because she can only eat meat not biscuits. Buddy has to watch and dream about dinner later. Then it’s back to bed for a snooze after the morning exertions. Maybe we will go out in the garden again or play ball for a while with Sam.

    Later in the afternoon, usually around 4 or 5, we get ready for another walk. We tend to go to Alexandra Palace again. It’s just as exciting for us as the morning walk because we never tire of the adventures and running around. Then it’s back home for dinner, and again, we eat it all up quickly because the activity has given us an appetite.

    After dinner we might play with our carers, or have a run around the garden. It’s not for long as by now we are quite tired, and it’s time to snuggle down in our bed. We will sleep now until the morning and a new day, with perhaps a visit to the garden.

    It may not sound the most exciting life but our needs are simple, all we want is a little love and somewhere to call home.”

    If you’d like to give these two gorgeous dogs the forever home of their dreams, then find out how you could adopt Buddy here and Emily here.

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