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    • 20 May, 2020

    Community Vet Clinic update for clients 

    Mayhew has many roles within our community including our Community Veterinary Clinic, local support projects, and rehoming services. With government restrictions in place, we have been unable to run some of our services including vaccinations and low-cost neutering for clients at our Clinic. During this time, our Vet team have continued to focus their available resources on high priority animal welfare cases. We understand the anxiety that this may have caused our Clinic customers and thank you for your continued support.

    We are carefully planning how we can safely reopen, but this is a complex process and unfortunately it is too early to say when that will be.

    We are continuously reviewing the advice from government and regulatory organisations. But the services we can offer will be dependent on ensuring the health and safety of all our clients and staff.

    We work tirelessly to promote preventative veterinary medicine, so it is particularly difficult for us not to be able offer our full services. We understand that some of you may need to use other veterinary providers during this time but we hope to welcome you back soon. Our clinic reception staff can help send any of your records to other vets to ensure that your pets receive the correct treatment.

    Important information for when services resume

    Vaccination requirements

    With the help of our medicine suppliers, we are pleased to inform you that we will be able to cover the costs of any additional vaccinations required for our patients who have been unable to attend during the restrictions. The patient will need to have attended our clinic for the initial vaccinations and receive any additional vaccinations at our clinic. We cannot cover any costs incurred through other veterinary providers.

    Our clinic team will review individual vaccine requirements at the time of consultation.


    Primary, ‘puppy and kitten’, vaccination courses

    These are normally a course of two injections.

    For dogs, these are given at from the age of eight weeks old and four weeks apart. For cats, they are given from nine weeks of age and the second between three and four weeks later.
    If your dog or cat has only received the first of these vaccinations, you will need to restart the whole course. The cost of the second vaccine will be covered by our Clinic so that there is no additional cost to you.

    Please take precautions to minimise risks to cats or dogs that have not received their primary course and we would encourage you to find a veterinary clinic able to provide this service at this time.

    Annual boosters

    The first yearly booster after the primary course is very important to ensure your pet’s immunity is fully established.

    For dogs who have missed their first annual booster, a restart of the vaccination course will be recommended. This is two injections four weeks apart.

    For cats who have missed their first annual booster, a restart of the vaccination course will be recommended. This is two injections three to four weeks apart.

    Again, the cost of the second injection will be covered by our Vet Clinic.

    Older dogs and cats who have had regular vaccinations throughout their lives will have their vaccine requirements discussed at the time of consultation. These patients are likely to have high levels of immunity and may not require a restart of their vaccination courses. Many of the vaccine components provide immunity for up to three years. However, some of the diseases we protect against do require yearly boosters.

    Registered clients who have concerns regarding vaccination status or risks to their pet, please contact our clinic reception. Please also see our earlier guidance for care of your dog or cat during these restrictions.



    We are working hard to ensure that we can restart our neutering services as soon as possible whilst ensuring the safety of the public and staff on site.

    Please take precautions to avoid unwanted litters during this time and contact our Clinic Reception team or Animal Welfare Officers if you have any concerns.


    Flea and worm treatments

    In order to help our community, we have introduced a delivery service for prescription flea and worm treatment to your home. We are following strict social distancing measures during delivery.

    Your pet must already be registered with our clinic and fulfill our prescription criteria. Please contact our clinic reception to enquire about the delivery service.

    Once again we would like to thank you for all your support and hope to see you and your pet at our Community Vet Clinic soon.

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