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    • 09 Sep, 2015

    Celebrity Supporters Adopt Two Dogs

    Our celebrity supporters Sue Jameson and James Bolam have adopted two rescue dogs with health problems.

    The veteran actors took an instant shine to special pets Leonora, an 11-year-old Golden retriever with osteoarthritis and incontinence, and Yogi a 10-year-old Yorkie with a collapsed trachea.

    Leonora arrived at The Mayhew in July when her owner died. Yogi was handed in last month when a member of the public found him in the house after he came through the cat flap.

    Sue joked: “We have two rescue cats as well so they’re threatening to leave home if we bring back any more dogs but I’m sure they’ll come back. We had a Yorkie before and we’ve kept a lot of the clothes. Yogi is adorable and is already wearing one of the jackets. He’s really settled in and is a bit of a poser.

    “We do tend to go for older dogs with health problems as our last one was 15-years-old when we got him from The Mayhew.

    “We just want to give them a chance.”

    James added: “They’re little souls, bless them, it’s great to take them home. We’ve always had rescue dogs and we couldn’t be happier.”

    The couple previously adopted from The Mayhew when they were filming a series of New Tricks in 2005 nearby and decided to adopt two dogs, 15-year-old Scruffy and Sandy who have both sadly passed away.

    Leonora and Yogi are now enjoying life in West Sussex.

    Sue said: “They’re both doing really well, eating and exploring the garden. They’re getting on fine with all our rescue animals including our other dog, who can’t see much and is pretty deaf, but he sleeps a lot so it doesn’t seem to bother him much!

    “They were also good overnight with no barking!

    “Brilliant! – hooray for rescues!!”




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