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    • 26 Aug, 2016

    We're Celebrating National Dog Day!

    Here at The Mayhew, all of our staff are celebrating National Dog Day.

    National Dog Day celebrates dogs of all different breeds, shapes and sizes. It’s also a day to draw attention to the thousands of dogs that need to be rescued each and every year. We think dogs are amazing. They bring us comfort, joy and are an integral part of the family. So for National Dog Day we’re highlighting our pawesome Mayhew dogs, some currently looking for their forever families and others that have found loving homes.


    Four year old Chester is a gorgeous, big boy who had a rough start in life. He was found by our Animal Welfare Officers in February on the streets in Brent. He was emaciated, starving and neglected. After he arrived with us, he developed a fever and our Vet Team took blood tests and discovered that Chester was  suffering from an infection, so they decided to operate on him.  They found that Chester had a severe infection in his prostate due to not being neutered. After extensive treatment and lots of medical care from our Vet Team his infection cleared and he has flourished thanks to our Kennels team’s attention. Chester isn’t coping very well in a kennels environment and as well as finding a forever home, we’re also looking for a foster carer to care for him in the meantime. You can read Chester’s full story here and adopt Chester here.

    Loving Home Needed for Abandoned and Neglected Dog


    Ben was another animal welfare case. Our Animal Welfare Officers received a call from Ben’s owner who wasn’t coping at all. When our Officer arrived, he found Ben in an appalling and sorry condition. He was emaciated, lying in diarrhoea and unable to use his back legs because of wasted muscles. The owner sadly was living in poor conditions and couldn’t adequately feed or care for Ben, so he was immediately brought to The Mayhew by our Officer.

    Our Vet Team examined him and discovered that he was suffering from digestion and gut problems. They put him on a drip and started to introduce him to small meals and very gradually he  recovered and put on weight. Ben, we discovered, had a microchip which showed his age was 10 years old, and it was apparant that he had a number of different owners. When he was fully fit, our adoption officer rehomed Ben and he now lives very happily with his new owners. As he was leaving The Mayhew to go to his new home, the Mayhew staff were saying goodbye to him and wishing him a wonderful life. You can read more about Ben’s story here.

    ben at home


    Tallula is our gorgeous, affectionate and talkative girl who adores lots of love and attention and is a real character. Recently Tallula went on a summer walk with none other than Blue band member, Duncan James, on the South Downs National Park. Tallula is blind and lost both of her eyes due to severe ulcers. However being blind doesn’t get in the way of Tallula who is full of confidence and she can do all the things that a sighted dog can do. Tallula came into us when her new owners decided to rehome her after their son brought home a new puppy. If you’re interested in adopting Tallula, details are here and you can read her full story here.

    Photo Credit: Solent News and Photos

    Photo Credit: Solent News and Photos


    Our gorgeous girl, Tia, was our longest stayer at The Mayhew arriving with us in August 2015. Sadly her owner passed away and while she stayed with us she stole everyone’s heart! Tia is a real character and she loved to play with her toys, have her tummy rubbed and go to the park. At last in May this year, after 9 months at The Mayhew, Tia was finally rehomed and is living a very happy life. She even came to see us at our Hounds on the Heath event in July.


    Three Boxing Day Pups

    On Boxing Day in 2015 three tiny and defenceless pups were callously dumped in a box on a Barnet street in the cold and rain and left for dead. When they came into us our Animal Welfare Officers and Vet Team could see that they had been neglected and were riddled with lice and fleas. One of the pups had alopecia over most of his body and a swollen stomach caused by worms. We suspect that they had been bred for Christmas and were left unsold, then dumped. Our Vet Team gave them a course of medicated baths, flea and worm treatments and our Kennels team made sure they were well fed, entertained and happy. They stayed with us until they were fully fit and healthy and before rehoming they were wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. We successfully rehomed all three pups and below you can see Mr. Wuffa who attended our Hounds on the Heath event this year. You can read their full story here.

    Abandoned Boxing Day Puppies

    Mr Wuffa Hounds on the Heath The Mayhew

    Team TheraPaws

    We couldn’t leave out our wonderful TheraPaws dogs and generous volunteers who visit dementia care homes, hospitals and hospices across London, bringing joy and well-being to residents and patients wherever they go! We have 75 volunteers and 50 dogs on our TheraPaws programme and here are our latest recruits, from right to left, top to bottom: Lolita, Luna, Percy, Kofi, Marci, Cosmo and Maisie.You can find out more about our pet therapy programme here.

    TheraPaws Dogs The Mayhew

    During 2015 we rehomed 90 dogs, reunited 63 dogs with their owners and helped 1,327 animals in the community – and so far this year we’ve already rehomed 55 pooches. Please consider a donation this National Dog Day to help us rescue, rehome and support even more dogs.

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