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    Looking after your pet’s health this winter

    Wrap up on walks! Remember to look after yourself this winter too! Wearing suitable shoes, warm clothing and a high-visibility…

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    Keeping cats safe outdoors

    Microchipping Microchipping your cat will greatly improve the chances of you being reunited with them should they go missing. If…

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    An interview with world-renowned dog trainer, Victoria Stilwell

    What does Mayhew mean to you? Mayhew gives animals a voice, which they really need. Your message is one of…

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    Caring for your arthritic pet

    Diet and Supplements There are a huge number of mobility diets and supplements out there, of varying quality, so it…

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    Working hard to keep our dogs enriched and entertained

    Our Kennels team recognise the importance of enrichment for dogs, both during periods of lockdown and in times where restrictions…

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    How to help your dog cope with new post-lockdown routines

    With lots of us working from home and generally being in the household more in recent months, our pets have become accustomed to a new lifestyle.

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    How to keep an indoor cat happy and safe

    Cats are hunters by nature and are not designed to have their food handed to them on a plate, so…

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    Teaming up with award-winning pet food suppliers Burns

    Q&A with Burns’ Nutrition Manager, Laura Crotch Harvey How do you become a pet nutritionist? I have a Masters degree…

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    Summer first aid for your pet

    We may have been restricted during the coronavirus pandemic in the amount time we can spend outside, however being able…

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