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    Enrichment ideas for your cats and dogs

    During these trying times, we are all adjusting to a different pace of life, and so are our pets. In…

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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for cat and dog owners

    We’ve asked our Senior Vet, Justin Ainsworth, the most pressing questions for pet owners regarding Coronavirus. Read on for guidance…

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    Interpreting your cat’s behaviour

    Tail high and feeling good! Just like us humans, cats often reveal what they are thinking and feeling through their…

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    A day in the life of our veterinary nurses

    The role of a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) is a busy and challenging one, and our skilled nurses have a…

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    Ask the experts: dental hygiene for pets

    This issue we talk to Amy, a Registered Veterinary Nurse at our Community Vet Clinic, about the importance of good…

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    Dog communication – how dogs interpret our body language

    Telltale signs of doggy stress • Turning their head away from whatever is bothering or worrying them. Sometimes they will…

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    In their shoes: Dog fostering coordinator

    At Mayhew, we are really lucky to have amazing volunteers who provide temporary homes for our rescued animals. We work…

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    How to approach a dog

    We all like to stop and say hello to dogs that we cross paths with on a day to day…

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    The tricky tick – protecting your dog this summer

    Be vigilant Check your dog regularly for ticks and immediately after walking them in areas where ticks can be prolific….

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