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    • 15 Jan, 2019

    Caring for Bob in a time of crisis

    As part of Mayhew’s community support, we run a Pet Refuge programme to help vulnerable people and their pets.  This was set up in 2004 to help owners who have no other option of help to care for their animal at crisis points in their life. We provide shelter and care for their pet for short periods of time so that they can get better while their pet is being cared for in a safe environment.

    We offer Pet Refuge for many different reasons, it could be due to an owner going into hospital, or needing to go into rehab or have respite care. We ensure that their animal receives the best possible care, reuniting them once the owner is back on their feet

    Jose’s story

    Jose is the vulnerable owner of beloved dog Bob. Last year, Jose required hospital treatment for an infected wound in his leg. He was suffering from localised sepsis, but was reluctant to accept help as it would have meant having to abandon Bob – he didn’t know anyone who could pet sit, and he didn’t want to leave Bob all alone.

    “Bob is my best friend. He gives me someone to talk to and he’s stuck to me through everything.  He stays by my side day and night and having him is the best thing in the world, but it makes it hard for me to go to the doctors and things like that as I never want to leave him alone.”

    Jose, Bob's owner

    Luckily, Jose’s social worker heard about our Pet Refuge programme, and got in touch with our Animal Welfare Officers to see if we could help whilst Jose was in the hospital. While Jose received treatment for his leg we arranged for Bob to come our Community Vet Clinic where he was neutered and given a full health check with vaccinations and flea and worm treatment. Bob was then passed into the care of our Kennel team who looked after him for the duration of his stay.

    pet refuge animal charity

    When Jose was fully recovered, we were able to reunite the two best friends. Jose was delighted to have his dog back and Bob was clearly overjoyed to see his owner again. It was a very happy reunion and we were proud to have helped keep them together.

    For many people facing a personal crisis, our service is a lifeline. Their dog is their best friend and in times of crisis they will not seek help as they are concerned about what will happen to their pet. With Pet Refuge, their pet is looked after so they are then given the time they need to get themselves back on track.

    “I know Bob was safe at Mayhew and that made me feel better too. It’s good to know they are there when I need help. I love Bob and don’t ever want to leave him. Having Mayhew there for him really takes all my stress away. I know Bob can stay with me for life now and I won’t have to give him up. And we can both get the help we need.”

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