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    • 08 Feb, 2018

    Call for Evidence on Ban of Third Party Puppy Sales Announced by Government at Mayhew

    The government has announced a call for evidence on whether there should be a ban on third party puppy sales. The announcement was made by Defra Minister, Lord Gardiner, at Mayhew today.

    Defra Minister, Lord Gardiner, said: “We have announced today a call for evidence on whether we should ban third party sales because we think this may help to advance welfare. We’re very concerned about unscrupulous breeders and we think this may well be a way of helping tackle the problem.

    “That’s why we’re going to ask animal welfare charities and others to come forward with evidence, and then we will give the matter very considerable consideration.”

    Lord Gardiner making the announcement

    Mayhew’s CEO, Caroline Yates, said: “We are really pleased today to hear that there will be a call for evidence on banning of third party sales of animals. It is a real issue that animal welfare organisations are very concerned about. Getting a dog or cat is not a commercial business and the big puppy farms have no regard for the health or welfare of animals.”

    “Owners are being duped into buying animals from these places and the resulting sickness and poor treatment means there is also an additional burden on animal welfare charities that are mopping up the problem.”

    Lord Gardiner meeting one of our residents, Ghost

    New legislation

    This is the next step to tackle unscrupulous breeding and comes as new draft reforms to improve standards are laid in Parliament today.

    The new legislation includes:

    • Banning the sale of puppies and kittens under the age of eight weeks.
    • Introducing compulsory licensing for anyone in the business of breeding and selling dogs.
    • Ensuring that licensed dog breeders show puppies alongside their mother before a sale is made.
    • Licensed breeders will only be able to sell puppies they have bred themselves.
    • Puppy sales will only be legally completed in the presence of the new owner, meaning sales cannot take place unless the buyer has physically seen the dog.
    • Measures to tackle the sale of weak underage puppies and the breeding of unhealthy dogs and dogs with severe genetic disorders.

    Lord Gardiner with Mayhew’s CEO, Caroline Yates

    Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, said: “We need to do everything we can to make sure the nation’s much loved pets get the right start in life. From banning the sale of underage puppies to tackling the breeding of dogs with severe genetic disorders, we are cracking down on sellers who have a total disregard for their dogs’ welfare.

    “This is a further step to raise the bar on animal welfare standards. We are also introducing mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses and increasing maximum prison sentences tenfold for animal abusers.”

    Launching the call for evidence on a ban, Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, has invited all interested parties to share their views by May 2nd 2018 on how this could best be introduced.

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