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  • Happily Rehomed
  • 06 May, 2015


To all at The Mayhew,

Buttercup rules our roost – she came to us as a foster and ended up staying for good! She’s there in the morning with her loud rattling purr and there’s no doubt the bed, couch and living room rug are all hers, she just shares them with us!

When we get home in the evening she’s behind the door purring and she loves her back garden, but not the neighbour’s dog so much. Heaven help any other cat that might think it’s for sharing – she’s straight out her cat flap to hiss them off! When she is not sleeping or “yomping” in her garden, she’s surveying her Kingdom for intruders.

And we like to think protecting us too…she’s a right little Madame but she’s our little Madame. We would like to send a big thank you to The Mayhew (especially Joanna) for her kindness.

Best wishes for future residents!

Buttercup, Alan & Olivia

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