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    • 07 Mar, 2023

    Bob the Cat survives “high-rise syndrome” thanks to our clinic team

    It was one of the hottest days of the year when Bob, a 5-month-old ginger cat, was brought into Mayhew. 

    The young cat was found unconscious, and he was quickly taken to our clinic where the team discovered he had sustained serious head injuries. He had a split upper palate alongside other trauma. This was likely the result of “high-rise syndrome.” This phenomenon refers to a common set of injuries that suggest a cat has fallen from some height. It is often seen within cats who live in flats and becomes more common in the summer months when windows and balcony doors may be left open.  

    Bob’s head injuries had all the characteristics of a fall, and the time of year only made it seem more likely. Our clinic team set to work on getting him conscious and safe. He was continuously monitored in our care and soon enough, the sweet cat was healed and ready for rehoming. He found his forever home shortly after, and now spends his days snoozing on sofas and chasing leaves through a protected garden.

    “Bob is the most confident, playful, and loving cat and I am so grateful to the team at Mayhew for caring for him so wonderfully. I can never thank them enough for helping him become the cat he is and bringing us together!”

    Emma Walsh

    Bob's Owner

    Bob was lucky he came into our care when he did, as we were able to help this ginger moggie get back on his feet. Not every cat can be so lucky though, and as we saw with Bob, high rise syndrome can lead to devastating injuries for cats. 

    Even if you live in a flat, it is important to ensure that your home environment is still safe for your cat. We recommend that cat parents look into ProtectaPet’s new Cat Balcony Enclosure Kit. The company has spent several years developing a balcony enclosure that allows cats to enjoy the fresh air with protection from falling. This means cat owners no longer have to choose between keeping their cat completely indoors or risking their safety on a balcony. 

    The balcony enclosure is also renter-friendly, which we know is important for many city-dwelling cat parents. The kit uses tension-based technology so that there is no need to drill into the brickwork around the balcony, making this an accessible solution for all owners. 

    With the balcony kit, a cat can have fresh air, more stimulation, and extended space to roam while reducing the risk of high-rise syndrome. It improves their life, and leaves owners with peace of mind.

    “We are really excited to launch this solution for cat owners’ peace of mind about their cat’s welfare and safety. No more worrying about smelly cat litter trays and keeping the balcony doors shut either!”

    Simon Davies

    Managing Director of ProtectaPet

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