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    • 23 Oct, 2017

    #ItsNotFur – Why black cats can often be invisible

    Although they have just as much love to give as their ginger, tabby and white counterparts, black cats at Mayhew take 28% longer to find a forever home. This National Black Cat Day (27th October 2017), we’re on a monochrome moggie mission to remind you why you should let a black cat cross your path.

    black cat day

    In 2016, black cats spent an average of 81 days waiting for their new family at Mayhew, whilst other colours like ginger cats, only spend an average of 45 days, almost double that of the black cat. But why are black cats often overlooked? Some cultures believe that black cats are bad omens but there are many cultures in which black cats are revered. In Ancient Egypt, they were sacred animals that were worshipped and in modern day Scotland, a black cat appearing on your doorstop is a sign of prosperity.

    According to the RSPCA, black cats are now unfortunately facing another challenge caused by the “selfie” phenomenon, where owners are reluctant to have black cats because they think they don’t photograph as well as other coloured cats.

    At Mayhew, we think this is totally ‘unfur’ and we know that the black cats we re-home are just as loving, affectionate and playful as any other cat. Our Cat Adoption Officer Matthew Pearson, said: “Black and black and white cats are often overlooked at Mayhew. Sometimes it can be difficult for people to connect with a black or black and white cat in a rescue centre, especially when there is a wide range of colours that people are drawn to.”

    “We urge people to never judge a cat by its colour and to look instead at its personality and temperament. We have plenty of loving and playful black and black and white cats waiting for homes in our Cattery, and we know that they will make perfect to additions any family.”

    If you are looking for a new furry friend, here is why you shouldn’t ever overlook a black cat.

    We have plenty of lovely black and black & white cats waiting to find their forever home. Why not take a look at some of our current kitties?

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    To honour black and black & white cats we’re going completely monochrome on social media for Black Cat Day! Join us to share your love for black cats using the hashtag #ItsNotFur @themayhew

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