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  • Over £5,000 Raised for Bear Cubs’ Journey to Freedom
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    • 09 Feb, 2016

    Over £5,000 Raised for Bear Cubs’ Journey to Freedom

    At The Mayhew Animal Home we have so far raised over half of the money needed to help move three orphaned bear cubs to a safe sanctuary in Greece.

    In November 2015 we launched an appeal for donations to raise £10,000 to help pay for the transit journey of three bear cubs from a temporary dog shelter in Tbilisi in Georgia to the Arcturos Bear Sanctuary in Northern Greece where they’ll be much, much happier.

    Since then our donors have really stepped up to support these bear cubs and have helped us raise an impressive £5470.29!

    These generous donations have also helped our team to provide the bear cubs with a more suitable environment and diet, whilst plans are being made for their journey to Greece.

    Donations have helped us secure the CITES Export Permit from Georgia needed to move the bears across the border and for winter dens to be made locally so the bears will have somewhere warm and comfortable to hibernate. The money raised has also helped to pay for supplementary diet foods for the bears including honey, nuts and fish, which will help to keep the bears healthy and to ensure that they keep their weight.


    Though our bears are now over half way to freedom, we still need your help to raise the rest of the money, as despite the fact that the shelter is doing the best job they can to care for the bears, this is still not a suitable environment for them to live in permanently.

    Our team, along with Born Free Foundation, are working tirelessly to continue the bear cubs’ journey and are now applying for the CITES Import Permit on the Greek side and arranging the transportation of the cubs. The rest of the money will continue to fund enrichment and supplementary diet foods for the bears, pay for special IATA cages for transportation and cover full transportation costs.

    It is planned that the cubs will live in a new bear enclosure in Greece providing an environment with plenty of natural enrichment, and where they will be rehabilitated so they will hopefully be able to be released to live as bears should, and not subjected to a life in captivity.

    We are asking our supporters to please donate what they can to help us raise the rest of the money needed to pay for the orphaned bear cubs to reach their new home in Northern Greece, where they will be happier.
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