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    • 31 Jul, 2015

    BBC Radio 4 Documentary

    BBC Radio 4 presenter Graham Easton talks to The Mayhew’s chief vet, Ursula Goetz, as he compares vet patient treatment to NHS treatment in this fascinating documentary.

    Dr Easton said he was struck by the compassionate and gentle approach Ursula applied to animals which compared favourably with the not so personal relationships humans have with the NHS.

    The presenter met with vets, medical policy advisors, clients in receipt of medical and veterinary care, and a palliative care consultant to investigate what the NHS could learn.

    He discovered that the NHS has borrowed many ideas from private medical care but hadn’t checked if there are any lessons to be learned from the way client and patient care has evolved in private veterinary practice.

    To listen to his conclusions, visit One Health: The Vet Will See You Now – BBC Radio 4

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