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    • 18 Jun, 2020

    Barbecue hazards for your pets

    With the warm summer weather and lockdown rules changing, more and more of us are beginning to dust off our barbecues in preparation for some delicious meals under the sun.

    Barbecue season can be a lot of fun, but it can present some hazards to our pets. By following a few safety tips from our Vet Nurses, you can make sure that your pet is kept safe while you enjoy this great summertime tradition.

    Food and drink hazards

    Although it may seem tempting to treat your pet to leftovers, barbecue foods tend to be high in fat which can cause stomach upset. In some cases this may even trigger painful inflammation of the pancreas, known as pancreatitis, which can be extremely serious.

    Ingesting bones, especially cooked bones, and corn cobs can  also be very dangerous for your pet. This can potentially cause intestinal blockages or tears. If your pet eats anything that could possibly cause a blockage you should contact your vet immediately for advice.

    Avoid leaving any drinks unattended. Alcohol is toxic for cats and dogs, and if you use glasses made of glass, your pet could injure themselves should a glass break.

    Cooking utensil hazards

    If you’re using kebab skewers or tin foil to cook your meats or veggies, keep these out of reach from your pet and make sure that they are securely disposed of or tidied away after use. Pets may injure themselves when licking off any residue. Swallowing any of these items can cause serious damage.

    Barbecue grills can stay hot for a long time after use. Make sure that your pet is kept safely away from the barbecue so that they don’t risk getting burnt, both whilst cooking and whilst the grill cools down completely.

    Keep chemicals such as lighter fluid or insect repellents out of reach. These can cause skin irritation and are extremely toxic if ingested by your pet.

    Keeping your pet calm, hydrated and cool

    Having several people around can be overwhelming for some pets. Try to ensure that your pet has a safe space to relax and get away from the excitement. Ask your guests not to disturb your pet if they choose to take themselves away for a break.

    Whilst you are enjoying the sunshine make sure that your pet isn’t overheating by making sure they have access to shade and plenty of fresh water.


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