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    • 14 Jan, 2022

    Baggins rescued from the cold

    This 9-month-old cat was found by one of the Mayhew team on a chilly morning last year.

    Baggins was inside a small pet carrier which was wrapped in a bin bag, left very close to our Home in Kensal Green in North-West London.

    Rescue cat Baggins in Mayhew's cattery

    The member of staff rushed Baggins to Mayhew where our vets carried out a thorough health check. Although he was cold and shaken up from his experience, to everyone’s relief he was healthy and in good condition, and we soon settled him into a warm and cosy cabin in our cattery with some food and water.

    Baggins was friendly and obviously domesticated, but when we checked for a microchip in the hope we could try and locate his owner, sadly he didn’t have one.

    Baggins was soon ready to go up for adoption and we’re pleased to say that within only a few weeks this beautiful boy had found his forever home – and just in time to spend his first Christmas with his loving new family.

    Rescue cat Baggins

    “Baggins has such an affectionate nature; he’s playful and inquisitive and loves nothing better than a cuddle in the afternoon on your lap. His new owner says he’s settled in very well and is just as active and affectionate as ever, and I’m thrilled to see him enjoying life to the full.”

    Kayleigh Kilcommons

    Head of Cattery

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