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    • 23 May, 2019

    Ask the expert: Oli Juste’s top summer advice for dogs

    London-based dog trainer and behaviourist Oli Juste passes on some expert tips to help you and your dog have the pawfect summer!

    Q. What is the best way to keep my dog cool on a car journey?

    A. It’s important to pick your travelling time wisely, driving during the cooler parts of the day and keeping the windows open or air con on. If it’s really hot, you could try placing ice packs wrapped in towels on the sides of your dog’s bed.

    When you are on the road, take regular breaks (ideally in a shady space), giving your dog opportunities to get fresh air, drink some cool water and go to the loo.

    Q. How can I keep my dog occupied during a long train journey?

    A. Definitely give your dog a walk a few hours before starting your journey – early enough so they have time to drink some water and go to the loo before stepping on the train, and long enough so they’re ready for their beauty sleep while on board.

    If it’s practical, giving your dog all their meals during the trip through a food-dispensing toy such as a Kong is a great way to keep them occupied and will also tire them out a little.

    Q. How do I stop my dog from stealing other people’s picnics?

    A. If your dog can’t resist a picnic, it’s best to keep them on a long lead or to walk in picnic-free areas. Give them a good run in the morning, when there are fewer people around, and an on-lead walk later in the day.

    If this is a persistent issue, you could consider some training during the autumn or winter to teach your dog impulse control.

    Q. What are the signs that my dog is uncomfortable or stressed?

    A. Signs of stress can include yawning, lip licking, panting, ‘whale eye’ and shaking, but of course all of these things can also be perfectly normal and should be taken in context. If you’re unsure, I have a helpful video on my YouTube channel.

    Q. What is the best way to help my dog settle into our rented holiday home?

    A. Bring their creature comforts with you, such as their crate or favourite bed, and try to keep to some of their usual routine, including mealtimes.

    I like to take my dog, Bernard, for a calm walk around the new house, villa or cottage as soon as we arrive, giving him extra time to explore and have a really good sniff. Let your dog find the spot they prefer and put their bed right there – it will reassure them. You know your dog better than anyone, and I bet you can tell the place where they are most likely to want to be.

    dog holiday packing check list

    For more training and behaviour tips, head to Oli’s award-winning blog.

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