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    • 24 Mar, 2017

    Our Animal Welfare Officers Educate Local Cub Scouts

    Why do people keep animals? What do animals need to be happy and healthy? These are just a couple of the questions posed and answered by two of our Animal Welfare Officers, Paul Grimes and Alisa Ford, when they took the time to visit 28th Willesden Cub Scouts to give an educational talk on the wonderful cats and dogs in our community.

    25 children aged between eight and 10 years old all listened eagerly to the presentation to find out what we do at The Mayhew, why animals come in to our care, how to look after animals responsibly and what needs to be considered before taking on a pet. They also learnt about the Animal Welfare Act, vet treatment and preventative care.

    The Cubs gained a lot of knowledge and demonstrated this when they were asked to write down two things that an animal needs to be happy. Some of the great answers included; ‘good environment and no illnesses’ and ‘chewing toys and an owner who has time.’

    Afterwards our Officers answered questions and gave the Cub Scouts an opportunity to conjure up some names to give to our future animal intakes.

    The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officer, Alisa Ford, said: “They came up with some fantastic names, including Snoopy, Bubbles and Pip, which we will use to name our next rescue cats and dogs.”

    “We also gave each Cub Scout an educational pack to take away, which included tips on how to be safe around dogs, how to read cats’ and dogs’ body language and more information on animal welfare and health needs.”

    28th Willesden Cub Scouts leader, Karen Doyle, added: “Animal Welfare Officers, Alisa and Paul, came to visit us and showed the Cubs a short presentation about animal welfare, things to think about before getting a pet and how to look after an animal. Every child was then given an information pack to take home.”

    “Many of our Cubs were excited to have The Mayhew visit us, as many of us have adopted animals from the Home previously. We had a great evening and were glad the Animal Welfare Officers were able to take time out to come and visit us. We plan to visit The Mayhew very soon.”

    The Mayhew has also been kindly chosen as 28th Willesden Cub Scouts’ charity of the year and they will soon be arranging events to raise vital funds for us so we can help more animals in need.


    As well as educating the local Cub Scouts, our Head of Animal Welfare, Zoe Edwards, took local Girlguiding group, 9th Forest Hill Brownies, on a tour of our Home and gave a presentation on how to look after animals responsibly and teaching them about having compassion and empathy towards animals.

    We believe in educating the next generation of pet owners as early as possible to inform them about animal welfare and everything that needs to be considered before you take on a pet. This way, we can avert difficulties before they happen and prevent dogs and cats from suffering needlessly. Our Animal Welfare Officers regularly visit schools, youth clubs, youth offender centres, and other youth organisations to train confident, responsible and caring pet owners for the future.

    If you want to find out more about our educational visits, please give us a call on 020 8962 8009 or email us on [email protected].

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