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    • 27 Jan, 2017

    Our achievements in 2016

    2016 was an incredible year at The Mayhew and thanks to your support we’ve been able to help hundreds of dogs and cats.

    We are so proud to announce that this year we managed to rehome a whopping 336 cats and 94 dogs, and reunite 67 lost dogs with their owners.

    Our newly expanded Vet Clinic, The Jeanne Marchig Veterinary Suiteand Training Wing was launched at the end of April and includes two new operating theatres to enable us to help even more animals in need.

    In 2016, we saw a huge 21% increase in Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) cases we responded to, and we were able to respond to a whopping 1607 cases during the year. Our Trap, Neuter and Return programme increased by 10.5% so more feral cats were neutered, health-checked and returned to their colonies than the previous year. In total we managed to neuter 1916 animals in our Vet Clinic and microchip 1131 animals.

    Our community outreach work ranged from regularly helping Valerie, a 90 year old local lady, look after her two cats, to rescuing and taking care of the veterinary costs for Lucky, a local homeless man’s beloved dog who had been hit by a car. In 2016 we helped an incredible 48% more homeless animals than in 2015 and our achievements were recognised in April when we won Petplan’s Award for Charity Team of the Year!

    After being hit by a car, Lucky has made a full recovery

    The growing success of TheraPaws, our visiting animal therapy programme, continued and it now serves 12 boroughs in London. Throughout the year we made a total of 1103 TheraPaws visits to care homes, hospitals and hospices across North and West London.

    Another success story was Ben, whose owner was living in poverty and was unable to provide proper food, care and medical treatment for him so came to The Mayhew for help. Our AWO’s found Ben, a ten year old Labrador cross, emaciated and lying in a pool of diarrhoea, unable to use his back legs, and suffering from gut and digestion issues. Our Officers immediately brought him back to The Mayhew to receive urgent medical attention from our Vet Team. As soon as he was fully recovered, neutered and ready for adoption, Ben found a loving home. You can read more about his story here.

    Ben in his new home

    Mayhew International

    Our Mayhew International work continues from strength to strength, championing animal welfare in the countries where we work – Georgia, Moscow, India and Afghanistan. Our International Vet Training Programme that trains overseas vets in high volume sterilisation techniques, anaesthesia protocols and pre and post operative care: we train vets both in our Vet Clinic in London and overseas with numerous animal welfare and university organisations. We have funded programmes to neuter 53,794 dogs and 3055 cats so far, thus tackling the unchecked overpopulation of free-roaming dogs and cats and improving their health and welfare. The rabies vaccination programmes that we fund has resulted in an incredible 52,384 dogs being vaccinated against rabies which has had a positively drastic effect on the number of rabies cases occurring in humans. And in India, the number of  adults and children educated in animal welfare, compassion for and interaction with animals and the benefits of neutering dogs and cats has reached an amazing 270,155 adults and children.

    We want to thank everyone who has supported us in 2016, we couldn’t have done all this without your help!

    We hope you will continue to support our work this year and are excited to see where 2017 will take us with our plans to help even more animals and pet owners.

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