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  • Abused dog bids beastly past goodbye
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    • 25 Apr, 2019

    Abused dog bids beastly past goodbye

    When an unsuspecting member of the public came across a small dog cowering in a bush in Harlesden last year, they were shocked at the state of her.

    The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was significantly underweight and bleeding from multiple wounds; and there were signs she had recently given birth.

    Jayda’s left ear and right eye both showed signs of infection, and she had extremely painful looking scratches and cuts all over her head, neck and shoulders. A distinct mark across her muzzle also indicated that her mouth had regularly been taped shut.

    Luckily for the two-year-old pup, she was brought straight to Mayhew, where she was immediately assessed and treated by our vets and Animal Welfare Officers. Dental issues and a famished appearance showed Jayda had long been lacking essential nutrients, and had clearly experienced more suffering in her short life than we could bear to imagine.

    Despite everything she had been through, Jayda was a sweet and affectionate dog, and soon bonded with the Mayhew team who looked after her. We treated her wounds and neutered her, and she recovered quickly – coming on leaps and bounds with every bit of love and care.

    One person in particular fell for Jayda the very first time they met – our Fundraising Officer, Duschanca Singh, was on the lookout for a special companion, and adored Jayda from day one. Jayda immediately bonded with Duschanca, and the pair became inseparable.


    “I fell in love with Jayda the moment I met her, and I’m amazed at the progress she has made so far. Her scars were signs of a bad start in life, but she has shown so much resilience. She is an extremely clever and affectionate dog, and entertains me every day with her antics. She loves playing with other dogs in the park, and will do anything for food!”

    Duschanca Singh

    Fundraising Officer (Corporate and Community)

    Jayda has now been officially adopted by Duschanca, and visits Mayhew regularly to spend time with her extended ‘forever family’ – the Animal Welfare Officers, Vets, Kennels and office staff who cared for her when she first arrived.

    Most of Jayda’s fur has now grown back, and her various wounds have healed – making her distressing past nothing but a distant bad dream. However, some echoes of her trauma are still felt, as she is unable to wear a harness or winter coat around her shoulders due to the anguish it causes.

    Sadly, we see many animals like Jayda every single day. We need your help to ensure we can continue to offer them all the love, safety and care they deserve, until they too can find their happily ever after.

    Making a donation is just one way to make a difference to the lives of dogs and cats in our community.  You can also attend our fundraising events, become a foster carer or challenge yourself – find out more here. 

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