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    • 07 Jan, 2022

    Abandoned cat Anton loses his tail

    Anton was found abandoned in November in a North London park, with severe injuries to his paw and tail.

    He was found wrapped in a blanket by a concerned passer-by who brought him straight to Mayhew for treatment.

    After a thorough examination by our Vet team, it was decided that Anton’s tail was so badly damaged that full amputation was the best option to enable him to recover. The operation went well and along with a course of treatment for his infected paw, adorable Anton eventually healed from his injuries and began to adjust well to life without a tail.

    “We estimate he is around four months old and his chances of survival were slim if he’d not been found.”

    Kayleigh Kilcommons

    Head of Cattery

    After five weeks of rest and recuperation at Mayhew, during which this playful and cuddly boy stole the hearts of our vet clinic and cattery staff members, we’re delighted to report that Anton is now fighting fit and ready to find a new and loving forever home.

    Kayleigh Kilcommons, Head of Cattery, said: “We don’t know how Anton came to be in the park, or how he sustained these wounds or injuries but we are so relieved to have got him in from the cold. We estimate he is around four months old and his chances of survival were slim if he’d not been found.”

    “His injuries have healed well and despite everything he has been through, he still has the sweetest nature. He purrs whenever you go near him and always wants cuddles. He is just adorable and now he deserves owners who can lavish lots of love and attention on this incredible little cat.”


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