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    • 04 Nov, 2019

    A very Curious Zelda

    When Matt Taghioff adopted tuxedo kitty Zelda from Mayhew in 2014, he knew she was pretty special, but even he didn’t realise just how much fun they would have together.

    After becoming a bit of a legend on Twitter, Zelda has now – with a little help from Matt – published a book, The Adventures of a Curious Cat. We caught up with Matt to ask a few questions about his purrfect puss.

    How did you come to adopt Zelda from Mayhew?

    A friend of mine rehomed a cat from Mayhew. She gave a glowing review and encouraged me to adopt (although I didn’t really take much convincing). I’d seen a video of a sweet kitty named Tippytoes, so I called up and arranged to see her. When I met and spoke with the Adoption Officer, he suggested I meet a different cat who might be better suited to me. Her profile read: “Don’t be put off by my spooked expression”. Naturally, I was curious to meet her.

    What was it about Zelda that caught your eye?

    I’d never seen an animal look so surprised to see me. As soon as I arrived, she engaged me in an intense staring match, which she won. She slowly approached me, sniffed my hand and began purring as I petted her. I was amazed by how affectionate she was with me, and yet she remained on high alert! She was the first and only cat I met at Mayhew.

    Matt and Curious Zelda

    What inspired you to create Zelda’s book?

    Zelda’s hilarious expressions and puzzling behaviour! She is so intrigued by life and I’ve always loved sharing her antics with friends, so I started Zelda’s Twitter account, posting photos with quirky captions and poems. She has a remarkable following who frequently ask about her, so I felt motivated to write more substantial prose and poetry. By coincidence, a number of publishers soon got in touch. I had a fascinating chat with one brilliant cat-mad editor, and the idea for the book was born!

    What is the book about?

    It’s about living life curiously – from the perspective of a permanently startled cat. Zelda explains, in her unique voice, everything from how to handle humans to communicating with furniture. She gives intimate accounts of her shocking world, shedding light (and fur) on her most challenging adventures, her dating journey and more. It’s a gift book full of photos, captions, poetry and commentary, beautifully illustrated throughout – the purrfect self-help guide for cats and humans alike.

    Curious Zelda

    How do you think Zelda will celebrate her new success?

    Zelda is unpredictable. She could go for a celebratory curtain-climb, or perhaps a victory lap of the countertops. Whatever she does, I will use the trail of broken photo frames and general debris to try to figure it out.


    The Adventures of a Curious Cat

    Buy your copy of The Adventures of a Curious Cat through Mayhew. Order online today, and your purchase will contribute towards helping more animals in need.

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