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    • 09 Sep, 2019

    A tribute to Tiggy

    Mayhew rescue Tiggy was adopted by actor Neil Morrissey and Emma Killick at the end of 2004. They spent many happy years together until sadly she passed away last year. Neil and Emma have written this beautiful tribute to Tiggy.

    The adventures of Tiggy began when we found her at Mayhew in Autumn 2004. She looked at us, wagged her wonky tail, and it was instant love.

    A well-travelled dog, she was on passport number three when she passed away. She’d visited Michelin three-star restaurants, been carried round a scorchingly hot Barcelona, leapt through too-deep snow, hidden in fields of corn and hung out in many a dressing room. She was on TV to help raise money for other rescue dogs and definitely stole the show on each of her appearances.

    She spent a lot of time running around the countryside in France. Lizard chasing (well, watching mostly – picture the pose like the classic HMV terrier), football nudging and taking in everything with the curiosity and obsession of all great Jack Russells.

    Like most little dogs, unaware of her size, she was courageous. But she learned quickly enough that you can’t take on a bull or a potbellied pig.

    For all her natural terrier bravery, you could not have met a more passive, patient dog. She was trustworthy around babies and children, and when anyone fed her titbits by hand, she would take them gently, like a real little lady.

    She loved nothing more than a sausage, but was also content with a bit of pâté or rare duck (blame the Michelin-star restaurant visits for that). Beloved wherever she went because of her wonderful character, we were privileged to have her in our lives for so long and still miss her every day.

    One of the poems a friend wrote when Tiggy passed sums her – and us – up best. It reads, in part:

    Little dog, now silent-hearted,
    Cast a thought to where you three started.
    Little dog, saved from fate,
    You treated her good, she punched
    above her weight.
    She’ll dream of course, that little dog,
    with the big dog’s bark,
    Of chasing squirrels round Finsbury Park.
    Little dog, you were their evening
    star, and their rising moon.
    They’ll not forget you.
    Least, no time soon
    Tiggy, December 2001–January 2018.


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