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    • 12 Sep, 2018

    A second chance for a three-legged dog

    A badly injured dog, named Caesar, has now found himself a new forever home.

    Caesar, a one-year-old Chihuahua, was in severe pain when he was brought into Mayhew by our Animal Welfare Officers. Caesar was suffering from an unhealed broken leg and could barely walk.

    Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officer, Paul Grimes, said: “When I brought Caesar into the Home it was clear to see that he was in a lot of pain and had been suffering for a while. We discovered that he had been in an road traffic accident at least nine months ago and had surgery to his right hind leg, which had not healed properly.”

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    Caesar was quickly seen to by our experienced Vet team at our on-site Community Vet Clinic, where he received pain relief and antibiotics. Unfortunately, the previous surgery that Caesar had received on his leg had never healed and the muscle was unable to recover. The injury was so complex that our Vet team made the hard decision to amputate his leg.

    Fortunately, Caesar recovered well after the operation. The dog, who had previously been limping in pain, quickly adapted well to walking on three legs.

    Paul said: “Before the amputation, Caesar was a very withdrawn, nervous and unhappy dog suffering from a great deal of long term pain. Since receiving medical care, love and affection, not only has Caesar’s wound healed, but his personality is beginning to heal too. He is now a happy and friendly little dog who loves to run around and play on his three legs.”

    As soon as Caesar had adjusted to life on three legs, he was put up for adoption and found a home almost immediately. Caesar, now renamed Pippa, is currently enjoying his new pampered lifestyle with his devoted family.

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    Pippa’s new owner, Barbara, said: “Pippa has settled in very well, I am surprised that after one week he has already taken to me. He follows me around, and is always by my side. Pippa loves his daily walks, and doesn’t let his disability stop him from doing anything. He is a very happy, laid back and loving dog.”

    Our Animal Welfare Officers rescue hundreds of abandoned, neglected and abused animals every year, respond to animal welfare issues out in the community and provide ongoing support to carers and pet owners in vulnerable situations. Find out more about their work here and please consider a donation to help them help even more animals like Caesar.

    If you or anyone you know needs to speak to a Mayhew Animal Welfare Officer, then you can call us on 020 8962 8000.

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