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    • 28 Sep, 2016

    A Day in the Life… at our Kennels

    Our kennels can house up to 30 dogs and puppies at one time and is always the liveliest place at The Mayhew! Here you are met with a delightful chorus of ‘woofs’ when you enter. Read on to find out what a typical day in our kennels looks like…

    Day staff arrive first thing in the morning for breakfast to feed the hungry mouths. Once the food has settled, each dog is taken for their first walk of the day.

    While the dogs are being walked, it’s time to clean! Each kennel is thoroughly scrubbed down so the dogs have a nice fresh kennel every day, although we only change the bedding when necessary so the kennel still has some nice familiar smells for its resident when they return from their walk.


    Every kennel is equipped with plenty of toys and blankets, as well as a TV or radio to provide a homely environment. We have heating to keep our pooches cosy in winter and air conditioning to keep them nice and cool during the summer.


    Then it’s the best part of the day… park time! We take the dogs to nearby Wormwood Scrubs for a long play and run about. We use extra-long leads so the dogs can have the freedom to run about, but we can easily grab the lead if they go a bit too far.


    Our kennels staff are trained animal behaviourists and all dogs at The Mayhew go through extensive assessments so that we can ascertain what kind of dog they are and what sort of home they would suit. Assessments are done at the park where we can see how they respond to other dogs and humans, and also back at Mayhew HQ.

    Our dogs are also undergoing continuous training while in our care so that they are best prepared for their new homes.


    The dogs are walked several times throughout the day so they get plenty of exercise. We also spend time with each dog every day giving them lots of love and affection.

    We have created a special outdoor space for our dogs at The Mayhew called the Sensory Garden. The garden has lots of different smells, sounds and textures for our dogs to engage with to help reduce any stress or anxiety and provide additional stimulation and enrichment.


    Our Adoption Officers spend a lot of time matching the right dog to the right owner to make sure they are 100% right for each other.

    After a busy day of feeding, walking, cleaning, playing and cuddling, our night staff arrive to watch over the kennels. The dogs are walked and played with throughout the evening before they settle down for a good night’s sleep.


    Take a look at our current dogs up for adoption looking for a loving forever home here!

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