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    • 18 Mar, 2015

    This year give a homeless animal a very happy Christmas

    Can you believe it? Christmas has come around again already!

    The Mayhew has been able to take in and care for hundreds of abandoned, unwanted and neglected cats and dogs during 2014. We’ve been able to find new happy homes for many of the animals that come to us but please don’t forget about those that aren’t so lucky. Support from animal lovers like you allows us to continue providing a safe haven and medical treatment for those animals in our care who haven’t yet found their forever homes.

    If you are able to donate, the help goes a long way.

    How your support helps Mayhew animals in the UK:

    • £5 provides a scrumptious animal-friendly Christmas dinner for one of our residents
    • £10 will provide a flea treatment and soothing skin wash for a new arrival
    • £25 will enable our Animal Welfare Officers to answer a cry for help when an animal needs it most
    • £50 will allow us to continue working with homeless people and their animal companions, providing free advice and veterinary treatment

    How your support helps animals abroad:

    • £5 will help us prevent the spread of life threatening diseases for street dogs
      such as rabies and distemper
    • £10 allows us to continue funding low-cost veterinary services such as neutering, vaccination and parasite treatment in our overseas programmes
    • £25 will help to fund our education projects around the world to ensure future generations develop the knowledge, skills, empathy and respect to give animals the life they deserve
    • £50 will provide supplies and equipment to enable local vets in the developing world to run emergency response teams and animal welfare projects in their communities

    Read on to find out about some of our residents and what we’ve been doing this year…

    When Bunny arrived with us in October, her skin was red raw and she was in terrible pain. Our vet team quickly got on the case and discovered she has an allergy which caused her hair to fall out and her skin to become very painful and uncomfortable.

    Click here to view the video of Bunny’s arrival at The Mayhew >>

    Her owner had decided to emigrate and did not want to take Bunny along so she found herself at The Mayhew. Luckily for her, our vets were on hand to ease her pain immediately and she’s now on the road to recovery and looking much healthier and happier.

    A kind member of the public alerted our Animal Welfare Officers to Elsa, a distressed stray cat living in her garden. She had a very bad case of fleas which was causing intense skin irritation and visible hair loss. Luckily Elsa is a tough little cat and doesn’t let anything get her down. Since she’s been at The Mayhew she’s won the hearts of everyone with her unbiased affection for anyone who happens to walk by her cabin and her dazzling eyes (one is blue and one is green)! Her fleas have now been treated and her coat is growing back thick and healthy.


    During 2014 Mayhew International has helped thousands of cats and dogs in countries as far afield as Georgia, Afghanistan, India, Russia and Nepal. Our focus this year has been on training local vets, vet students and shelter workers in neutering and disease control to help us tackle the root of the street animal problem.

    These are people who share our vision to give a better quality of life to animals living on the street or in shelters. Our vital training and knowledge-sharing empowers them to deal with animal welfare issues in their own countries, and they will go on to spread the word to many more people.

    Our mission is to provide animals in need with a better quality of life – help us achieve our vision of a society where all animals are treated with love, care and respect by supporting us this Christmas. Thank you.

    We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Caroline Yates, CEO

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