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    • 18 Dec, 2018

    The poignant reality for homeless people and their pets

    • When you walk past a homeless person and their dog, do you question or judge their relationship?
    • 86% of people think pets can be just as much a companion as another person, but over 60% judge those who struggle financially and also keep an animal.
    • Our new documentary series, ‘Home is where their dog is’, sets out to challenge that judgement.

    We are incredibly proud to have partnered with Iconoclast to produce “Home is where their dog is”, a three episode documentary series that follows the lives of three homeless men and their dogs, and gives an unrivaled insight into the unique supportive bond they share.

    We know that homeless people will turn down rehab opportunities, medical care and housing offers because they are worried about what would happen to their animals, and we are aware of dogs that have been unwillingly relinquished to shelters and rehoming centres because the benefits of looking after and interacting with a pet are not fully recognised or appreciated.

    We understand the commitment, care and love that a human and dog provide for each other, and we work tirelessly to protect this bond so that the animals and loving owners can stay together – even during a crisis.

    By helping animals, we are helping people.

    Iconoclast, Creative Director Dominic Goldman and film director Roland Kennedy have long since admired our dedication and ethos, and were keen to come on board to help us tell the stories of three homeless clients we have supported over the past 10 years – Gulbar, Wully and Shaun.

    Episode 1 – “The fight of their lives” follows Gulbar and Lucky after a life changing road accident, and reveals the incredibly close supportive relationship that neither human nor animal could live without.

    Episode 2 – “Love versus addiction” tells the story of how Azzy the dog inspired owner Wully to seek help for his alcohol addiction and how Mayhew was able to support them on this journey.

    Episode 3 – “The breath of life” focuses on how COPD sufferer Shaun finds comfort and relief in his dog Toffee, who knows exactly how to calm him down during and after an attack.


    We are in the grips of a growing homelessness crisis.

    With this documentary series, we want to open your eyes to the ever evolving challenges in our society, and how animals play a significant part in helping to address them. Our Animal Welfare Officers look at the reasons why a crisis is happening, and work together with people and pets to overcome it. Our aim is to prevent cherished animals ending up in a shelter environment – especially when they have a loving owner who is just in need of someone to lend a helping hand.

    By showing the life-saving emotional support and impact the dogs have on a homeless person’s physical and mental well-being, we hope “Home is where their dog is” will  inspire support and empathy from the public, and ultimately change the way homeless people and their four-legged companions are viewed.

    Watch all three episodes here, and help us share their stories.

    Join the conversation online using the hashtag #HelpingAnimalsHelpingPeople.

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