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Home is where
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Three stories, one city. These stories show life on the streets of London for homeless people and their dogs: the bond, the hardship, the protection, and the love.


Their dogs don't judge their situation and neither do we.

Mayhew's Animal Welfare Officers have been helping to keep vulnerable families like these together since 2000. Dogs and humans enjoy a special bond, which is even more pronounced in vulnerable situations. A dog is often the only source of comfort and companionship a homeless person knows.

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We rely solely on donations from generous people just like you. Your help allows us to keep our Community Projects going and to continue to provide critical support to people like Gulbar, Wully and Shaun.

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could help provide life-saving surgical supplies for our Vet Clinic

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Working together to change perceptions

Many people believe that those who can’t support themselves financially but own a pet are irresponsible. We see first hand just how important the bond between a vulnerable person and their pet can be. That's why we've worked together with creative agency Iconoclast and Facebook to create this campaign.

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