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    • 03 May, 2018

    Stray cat still looking for a home after waiting TWO YEARS

    An affectionate, but unlucky four-year-old cat, who has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), is still looking for a new home after waiting over TWO YEARS.

    The gorgeous ginger and white cat, named Magnum, first arrived at Mayhew as an injured stray on the 17th March 2016.

    A member of the public discovered poor Magnum near Willesden Green in North West London. After noticing an abscess on his front paw, they quickly alerted Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers, who brought him back to the rescue.

    Magnum was immediately seen by our Vet team at our on-site Community Vet Clinic, which provides preventative veterinary care that benefit the London community and individual pet owners long term.

    Mayhew’s Vet, Dr Emily Richardson, said: “When Magnum first arrived he had an abscess on his front paw, which required medical treatment and wound flushing.

    “After the abscess was fully resolved, he was neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and given a dental and anti-parasite treatment.

    “We also took a blood sample to check for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and discovered he was positive. FIV is a viral infection in cats and it infects cells of the immune system, killing or damaging them, so they can’t perform their usual functions. Once infected, the cat will have the virus for life and unfortunately there is no specific treatment or cure. However cats with FIV can have a healthy and good quality life.

    “Unfortunately Magnum has been at Mayhew much longer than anticipated for a number of reasons. As well as giving him supportive treatment for cat flu, Magnum had a urinary tract infection and a lump on his neck also had to be removed, which turned out to be benign. He is doing really well now and just looking for that perfect home.”

    After receiving a thorough health check from our Vet team, staff put Magnum in foster with one of our experienced carers, so he could enjoy a loving home environment until he was ready to find his happily ever after.

    Magnum’s foster carer, Chandra, said: “Magnum is a handsome boy who enjoys playing with his toys. He is a very affectionate and well behaved cat and loves nothing more than sitting at the window and looking at the birds.

    “Magnum is a sociable cat who enjoys simply being in the same room as you. When I am watching TV he will sit with me on the sofa and in the morning he will rub himself against me to wake me up for his morning feed.”

    If you are interested in adopting Magnum and giving him a forever home, please visit here or call 020 8962 8000.

    Our Vet team give all of the cats and dogs that come into their care a thorough health check, including vaccinating, neutering and treating them for fleas and worms. Our experienced Kennels and Cattery team spend hours feeding them, socialising and making them feel comfortable, and our Adoption team work tirelessly to find them new forever homes.

    Find out more about our work by visiting here and please consider a donation to help us help even more animals like Magnum.

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