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    • 18 Apr, 2017

    Mayhew International Afghanistan Update

    Our  CEO, Caroline Yates, flew out to Kabul, Afghanistan, last week to catch up with Dr. Mo, Afghanistan Project Manager. Dr. Mo has been busy setting up our NGO facilities and working with the Government and city authorities there to introduce and implement a long-term and sustainable animal welfare strategy.

    Back in January 2017, Mayhew International persuaded the Kabul authorities and signed an agreement with them to halt their dog culling which was an inhumane and cruel way to deal with the overpopulation of street dogs. We’re pleased to tell you that things have been moving swiftly and Caroline and Dr. Mo met with the Deputy Mayor of Kabul, Najeeb, and the sanitation department that is responsible for dealing with street dogs.

    In a groundbreaking and amazing turnaround, four members of staff, who had previously culled dogs by poisoning them, were picked by Mayhew International to retrain to become humane dog catchers. The newly appointed dog catchers will capture the street dogs in order to vaccinate them against rabies, neuter and release them back to their community areas. The dog catchers will then go on to train other municipality workers overseen by Mayhew International.

    The authority’s retraining approach is a real symbol for animal welfare in the region and the landmark turnaround for Afghanistan as they are now dealing with their free-roaming dog population in a compassionate and kinder way. It is also a testament to how far we have come since our dog population survey back in 2015 with our vision for a long-term animal welfare and rabies vaccination programme.

    Caroline and Dr. Mo also visited friends PARSA and local charity Tigger House to meet and talk with the staff; Dr. Mo has been looking after dog and cat cases, peforming surgery and training vets at the shelter.

    Caroline and Dr. Mo were requested by Kabul City Zoo to help them with a lion that had an ear infection as if left untreated, the ears could develop chronic otitis and the lion could end up deaf. In some cases the middle ear can get infected, causing severe pain and a tilted head. Dr. Mo cleaned the the lion’s ears and administered antibiotics.










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