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  • Mayhew Georgia hits the road to reach out to communities in Kakheti region
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    • 26 Jul, 2021

    Mayhew Georgia hits the road to reach out to communities in Kakheti region

    At the end of April, Mayhew Georgia together with Doggie Doc started their campaign of spay & neuter drives in the Kakheti region of Georgia.  The teams will be working in 3-4 municipalities in the region – Sighnaghi, Khvareli, Lagodekhi & Akhmeta – neutering and vaccinating the free-roaming dogs in the towns and villages of each municipality to help manage the number of dogs in these communities, prevent litters of pups being born outside and keep the dog population healthy with vaccinations against rabies and the most common infectious dog diseases.

    Following some basic surveying of the numbers of dogs in these areas, the visits of the mobile unit and teams are planned, going out every fortnight, usually staying two days so that the dogs can be monitored post surgery.

    Already the team have visited Sighnaghi municipality four times and neutered and vaccinated 159 dogs and now the team are concentrating in Khvareli where to date 125 dogs have been neutered and vaccinated.

    Alongside the team from Mayhew Georgia and Doggie Doc, we are most grateful to the volunteers from Sighnaghi and Khvareli who help promote the visit of the mobile team and bring the dogs to where the mobile unit sets up. Thanks also goes to the local municipality who provide the venues and permissions for the mobile unit, all the local residents who help with refreshments and accommodation and Marchig Animal Welfare Trust for helping to sponsor this vital work.

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