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    • 24 Jun, 2020

    How to make a puzzle feeder for your cat

    Keeping our cats entertained with enriching toys can be fun for them, but also for us! Here’s how to make a simple and budget-friendly puzzle feeder for your cat.

    Have a go at creating a fun puzzle feeder for your cat, which will keep them entertained and make meal times more fun all around.

    What you need:

    Clean tub, such as an ice cream pot or large yogurt tub




    Paper straw


    Dry cat food biscuits

    Step-by-step instructions:

    If your tub has a handle, skip to number four. If, like ours, it doesn’t have a handle, make sure to do steps one to three:

    Step one – Use your screwdriver to make two holes opposite each other through the top sides of your tub.

    Step two – Slide your straw through the two holes and thread the string through the straw (the straw ensures your string ‘handle’ can move freely without friction).

    Step three – Tie your string together at the top and cut off any leftover string.

    Step four – Using the knife, cut holes into the sides of the tub that are a little bigger than your dry cat biscuits. Alternatively, make holes with your screwdriver. Trim off any excess plastic and check there are no sharp edges.

    Step five – Pop a handful of dry biscuits in the tub, put the lid on and suspend it somewhere accessible to your cat (ideally at a height that’s just above their head).

    Show your cat how to use their new puzzle feeder by gently tapping on the tub and tilting it so they can see how the biscuits fall out. Now watch as your cat has lots of fun trying to ‘hunt’ and ‘kill’ their food!

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